Sunday, February 26, 2006

More on German Propaganda leaflets

Photo shows: German leaflet warning us about the perils of attempting to cross the River Po

Every time I promise myself that I've finished putting any more stories on this site another veteran posts something that I simply have to answer. This time it was to do with the River Po and I was reminded that the Germans decided to apply a little mind bending by shelling this leaflet over our lines.
The front of the leaflet graphically depicts British troops being shelled as they cross the river, the back of the leaflet includes some of the text I now give below.


But it isn’t only “one more river”, this time it is THE river !


Do you remember the hells of the rivers Sangro, Rapido, Liri, Volturmo and Garigliano? Do you remember the lives that were sacrificed in crossing these rivers?

Put those rivers all together and the result will be smaller than the


“PO” means death and suffering
“POW” means security and comfort

Think it over, only
Fools rush in

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