Friday, February 24, 2006

Day Leave in Alexandria July 1944

Photo shows: Bob Dunne and Ron in Rameses Square (complete with bananas!)

It was July 1944 and my regiment, the 49th Light Ack-Ack Regiment, was taken out of the line in Italy and shipped to Egypt with the rest of the 78th British Division.

Our first port of call was Ikingi, near Alexandria, where we were to spend a month re-fitting and re-training before returning to Italy.

Whilst in Egypt, my fellow wireless operator Bob Dunne and I had a day’s leave in Alexandria, and one of the sights we took in was Rameses Square with its famous statue.

The street photographer had obviously learnt that it was impossible to buy bananas back home in England, so he provided a basket of the fruit as a 'prop' for his customers. I seem to remember paying to have a small box sent to my folks back home, but I can't remember checking to see whether they ever received them!

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