Sunday, February 26, 2006

Army Transport

Photo shows: Monfalcone, Don R (Despatch Rider) if only for a day!

Someone on this site mentioned Army Transport and it set me thinking, so I decided to list all the vehicles that I got to drive in the Army between 1942 and 1947.
I was surprised to see how many there were, that’s even if I omit the Tank- Transporter on which I passed my Army Driving Test.

Bedford 15cwt (my first wireless truck, whilst in Light Ack Ack)
Dodge 15cwt (this replaced the Bedford wireless truck)
Bedford 3 Ton (my stores wagon, whilst I was A Sqdrn Tech Corporal)
US Willy’s Jeep (I used this to run the O.C. around in Egypt)
Sherman 75 mm (the tank on which I trained on at Rieti)
Sherman Kangaroo (the one we used to carry infantry into action in the line )
Stuart Tank (my personal chariot whilst serving as the SSM’s Wireless Op.)
Greyhound Armoured Car (used by the Squadron in Austria as a RECCE vehicle)
Staghound Armoured Car (as above)
Bren Gun Carrier (which eventually replaced our Stuart Tank)
Norton Motor Byke (which I learnt to use whilst at Opicina)

Note the white triangle on the front mudflap of the byke, this indicated 'A' Squadron, a square would have shown it was 'B' Squadron and a circle was reserved for 'C' Squadron

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