Sunday, February 26, 2006

Army Ration Allowance

Photo shows: Two Day's Ration allowance: Six Shillings and Four Pence !

They used to say that the Army moved on paper, certainly when I look through the bits of memorabilia that I pasted in my Album this seemed to be the case.
Take the document above as a perfect example.

I got out of the Army in April 1947.

In June of the same year I was surprised to receive a letter from the Army that enclosed a Postal Order for six shillings and fourpence,(about 33p in today's money). When I examined the note enclosed (see above) the penny dropped.

Earlier in March, whilst still serving in the Forces, I had acted as Escort Corporal to bring home from Lincoln Jail a soldier who had just finished serving a civil sentence of two years.

In the process of bringing him back to a Military prison in Darlington I was away from my unit for two days.

The Army was now recompensing me for two days ration allowance that was due to me. It appears that at the time in question it cost three shillings and twopence per day to feed a soldier (about 15p in today's money).

No wonder I was always hungry !

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